Commission Terms and Conditions - 2019

I - Terms and Conditions

A - Product :

  • - My products are digital and are provided by cloud link or mail to the customer.
  • - In some rare exception, if it's raw material, it can be shipped (with extra price).
  • - I usually make additional versions for my patrons if the picture allows, the customer will get them all if wanted.

B - Payment :

  • - Payment is only accepted via Paypal and Payoneer
  • - Accepted currencies are USD and Euros
  • - Payment is made upfront after we've reached an agreement on the painting's composition. No free sketch.
  • - I will generate an invoice with paypal of Payoneer to request the payment in an "official" way.
  • - Patrons get a discount depending on their pledge and history.

C - Distribution

  • - The commission painting somewhat has to be in my line of art and is to be published on my galleries, otherwise a 20$ privacy fee is charged.
  • - You can upload my art to your own social media as long as you provide a link to one of my galleries (deviantArt, Tumblr, HentaiFoundry, Patreon, Twitter, Pixiv) or preferably website. Painting must keep my signature on it.
  • - You are not allowed to modify my work in any way.

D - This I won't do :

  • - Giantess
  • - Muscles
  • - Heavy overweight
  • - Hyperpregnant
  • - Gore/dirty/scat/vore
  • - Child characters (loli, shota, etc)
  • - Animals/beasts
  • - Freaks

E - Refunds

  • - No refunds for completed work. The paid invoice counts as an engagement.
  • - If you cancel an underway commission, I can refund the difference based on the completion state of the painting.
  • - If I can't continue working on a pic for any reason, I will refund the full price of the commission.

F - Slots

I don't work with a slot system. If you're interested in commissioning, just write me and I'll tell you if and when I'm available.
II - Artworks and Pricing

A - Pricing

My pricing requires very simple math to be estimated : it consists of having a base pricing multiplied with a coefficient defined by the render level. Every render level has its minimum base price.

        1 - Composition basics :
  •             - 30$ per character
  •             - 1 to 100$ for background depending on complexity
  •             - Complexity extra : additional price is added if there is some very detailed feature that requires special attention (like very refined clothing, complex tatoos, complex light setting, etc)
        2 - Render :

Click button for sample

Level 0 - Sketch : No addition

Level 1 - Clean Sketch & simple colors : +50%

Level 2 - Clean Sketch & advanced colors : +100%

Level 3 - Sketchy colors : + 120%

Level 4 - Advanced colors : +170%

Level 5 - Realistic Colors + 200%





        3 - Special cases
  • Comics page(s) : Depending on the desired number of pages ; 80-120$ per black and white page, 120-180$ per colored page
  • I've been asked in some rare cases to morph or animated pictures of existing people : photomanipulation, breast expansion animations, parallax animations. I can do it but you have to show me the stuff and explain what you wish before I can establish a price (usually much cheaper than a painting).

    B - Brainstorming and workflow

  1. Make contact, we agree on a schedule
  2. Describe your commission, provide references (the more there is the better) : Where, Who, What, When, How, View angle etc.
  3. Payment
  4. Sketching
  5. Upon agreement on the sketch, working on the painting.
  6. Delivery (usually a dropbox link)
III - Disclaimer
  •         - You automatically agree these terms of service and acknowledge understanding them in their entirety when the payment is made.
  •         - I  reserve the right to refuse/deny/refund/cancel a commission for any reason.