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Codex entries :

Academic Games


The academic games are an annual event between the different guilds to access Mermesii’s governmental office. It is divided into 3 stages. The first one is the defense stage; it's a show of combat strategy and power to prove they can defend the city. The most talented guilds are selected for the second stage, of society and economy. In this stage, the candidate guilds engage in courtroom debate; through several trials on announced themes by a jury. The selected guilds then go through the third and most important stage: politics. The guild announce their campaign platform, which is then voted on by the citizens. A guild cannot remain in power for more than five years, but can be reelected after ten years of inactivity; however, elections and games are held yearly so in theory the party could change every year.



Goddess, malevolent

Alineim is the tenth and last daughter of Kinem, and is known as the goddess of sadness and diseases. Alineim is very introverted and only has a bond with Mantalune, Tansa and Zinya. She hates everything related to Keelai and takes pleasure in destroying it by creating plagues that only affects Sarins. She’s the weakest goddess but is the most malevolent one. It is said that if and when Undal comes back she will return to her former, kinder self.



Goddess, neutral

Anain is the seventh daughter of Kinem, and is known to be the goddess of justice and protector of life. She holds as important philosophical and moral principles such as justice, equality, liberty, etc. but is not allowed to meddle in matters involving men. Anain has a very strong personality and is much respected among her sisters. When a conflict rises, she’s often summoned to find a solution. She’s also the healers’ divinity.



Andalin is a major city of the Kinemia lands. The legend says it’s the birthplace of the goddesses.



Called Gamma-Andromeda by the Humans, Andromeda is one of the many life-bearing planets candidates for exploration. Andromeda is 0.8g and has one natural satellite. She revolves around her G-type star in 386 days and has 25 hour days, which makes it a very earth-like planet. Her climate is globally tropical, although she has ice caps on her poles. Her axis is quite perpendicular compared to her star, which makes seasons nonexistent. However, goddesses’ conflicts can disrupt the usually calm climate. Andromeda has an anomalous quality: for some reason, energy does not work the same way, and magic rules over the planet; human technology does not work here.

Andromeda Pantheon

Andromeda’s pantheon is composed of two major deities Kinem and Undal, and their ten daughters Keelai, Mantalune, Nolita, Tansa, Melariel, Umata, Anain, Zinya, Enael, and Alineim.

Kinem and Undal have disappeared, but their daughters continue to rule Andromeda in their own way. Although they may be said to be benevolent, malevolent, or neutral; they all have their good sides and bad sides. For more information, read the Andromeda’s Mythology Digest (COMING SOON)



Sarin, 25yo

Aneela is a young kailan in the mayor's service. Recently graduated, she has proven to be a very talented mage. She's a hard worker, loyal, and childhood friend of Lupina. She's very serious and is not comfortable with humor. She is naive and often fall for tricks, for which Lupina teases her mercilessly. Aneela had a normal childhood, growing up with her mother in a relatively modest social class.



Archmage is the highest and most prestigious rank of magician. This status is passed from teacher to student with knowledge of magic only they possess. In the Sarin culture, there is one Archmage per city-state, and they all are well respected. Archmagi are not part of the government cycles and can rule as long as they wish. They are a governmental check whose authority can forestall governmental corruption and abuses. In Mermesii, one of the archmage's main roles is to secure the continuous flow of policy despite the recurring changes that can occur in the government due to the academic games. Archmagi are often called upon to resolve major diplomatic and political issues.



Sarin, 70yo

Also called “The Great Ashyra”, she is the former archmage of Mermesii. She’s considered a legend for what she accomplished during her reign. It’s said that she’s close to Keelai and has met her numerous times. Ashyra was the teacher of Karyn, the current archmage of Mermesii. Ashyra left the city-state when she retired, to live in the southern mountains of Kinemia.

Cauldron of Zunamun

Legendary objet d’art

The Cauldron of Zunamun is an ancient and once magical item forged by the legendary alchemist Zunamun. It was originally commissioned by the Order of Oracles as a receptacle for offerings. It would travel around the world with the order’s processions to different festivals to gather offerings in the form of milk. The cauldron absorbed the milk and magically sent it to Keelai. But this interesting item caught the attention of the infamous Urlata Naira, which managed to steal it and corrupt it with the help of her patron, the goddess Mantalune. The cauldron was now enchanted to irresistibly attract any Sarin women in range and force them offer their milk to the last drop, killing them in the process, and then randomly teleport to its next victim. The corrupted cauldron went on a rampage, killing thousands of people and empowering Urlata Naira and Mantalune in the process. Eventually, Zunamun and archmage Elwendil found a way to attract it and destroy of all its magic essence, then gave it back to the Order of Oracles in Mermesii.



The Desaens are a race created by Melariel, living in the southern hemisphere. They are a humanoid race with cat-like features like furry ears, a tail, and big eyes. They are quite like their mother goddess, emotional and impulsive. They like violence and confrontation, and because of their nature, they are seen as barbaric by the Sarins. The Desaen women can also use magic, and their culture is matriarchal. Men are a kind of slave with rights, but are treated just like domesticated animal, they are owned by their mistress and must obey them. Pride and honor are a big part of their culture, and almost all of their issues are resolved in the arena with ritual combat with no magic allowed. The Desaens have a warring tendency, and conflicts between tribes are never-ending.


Legendary Archmage


Elwendil is a former Archmage of Mermesii known to have stopped the legendary Cauldron of Zunamun. She spent her life fighting the evil deeds of Urlata Naira and protected the allied cities of Keelaia during the Great Lunian War. In an ultimate confrontation, she sacrificed herself to kill her sworn enemy Urlata Naira.



Goddess, benevolent

Enael is the ninth daughter of Kinem, and is known to be the goddess of foresight and divination. Enael is a discreet goddess who never makes appearances before lower beings. However, she grants her special gift to some rare individuals, who are known as oracles. She’s worshiped by these oracles and often answers their prayers. These gifted beings are the only one she deigns to see. Every ten years, a great oracle pilgrimage is held on her island Enaelia.

The Great Lunian War

Historic Event

Waged by Urlata Naira, the Great Lunian War consisted of the invasion of the opposing goddess’s lands, the southern parts of the world : Kinemia, Keelaia, Melarielia, and Enaelia. The conflict lasted for more than two decades and contained the most brutal and epic battles occurring among mortal beings. Rampaging titans and golems, scorching firestorms, apocalyptic meteor rains, and many other spells of mass destruction devastated the southern continents. Hundreds of millions of victims perished in this war. The tides turned when archmage Elwendil managed to kill Urlata Naira in an ultimate sacrifice. The southern territories pushed back the Lunian forces to where they came from.

Janna Yanisma


Desaen, 35yo

Janna is the 237th queen of Shuskana. She is from the Yanisma clan, which is known to be one of the most famous bloodlines among Desaens for the strength that runs in it. Janna is a great warrior and has to live up to the reputation of her clan, which is why when she’s not busy with politics, she trains relentlessly to stay in top shape.



Human, 27yo

Coming from a very technologically advanced society, Jelen is a genetically enhanced human, like every other inhabitant of Eta-Earth. This enhancement is a set of electric organs, also known as electrocytes, which are cells stacked in thin layers below the skin all around the body which can generate a high voltage. Due to the massive infrastructure necessary to power their technologically advanced society, the inhabitants of Eta-Earth used these modifications to diminish the problem of energy production and storage. Jelen has always had the passion to seek adventure, so he naturally entered engineering studies and earned a doctorate in space exploration science. He also has military training as part of his preparation for his mission. Despite his years of schooling, Jelen is a social person who likes women a lot, and he enjoys a good laugh and having fun. He can be careless sometimes but knows to be serious when it is needed, as carelessness on board a space ship can be fatal. Since Jelen has arrived on Andromeda, he has discovered that his electric ability has transformed into raw magical energy production, that the the locals believe only deities possess.



Sarin, 42yo

Karyn is Mermesii's archmage. She's a very powerful woman with a wealth of experience. She grew up in a poor family, and grew used to hard work at a early age. During her teenage years, Keelai blessed her so generously that she was noticed by the great Ashyra, the city’s archmage at the time. She became her apprentice along with a small group of other well-blessed girls. She proved herself the most talented, and passed every trial she was presented with excellence. Later, after years of tutoring, she replaced Ashyra when the archmage retired. Karyn is known to have a deep hatred toward men.



Kailan is a high Mermesiian governmental title. There are multiple sub-ranks and distinctions, and they usually are members of the ruling guild. They take orders directly from the mayor’s office.



Kamelite is an extremely rare crystalline mineral. It has the unique ability to store pure magical power. It is one of the most expensive materials on Andromeda.



Mother of all goddesses.

Kinem is the great mother, and it is believed that she is the most powerful being in the universe. Her power is so great that she can create, destroy, or do whatever she desires. Kinem is a being of pure benevolence; but she made one mistake leading to the Era of Discord, in which she disappeared following Undal, leaving Andromeda to her daughters to save the world from incoming destruction. Some legends say she died with Undal in space, others that they live in the moon.



Goddess, benevolent

Keelai is the first daughter of Kinem and is a goddess of life and magic. She is the creator of the Sarin people, and so she is naturally the most worshiped goddess among them. Kinem elevated her as the chief goddess to rule over her sisters. She is known to be a wise and kind goddess.

Keelai's Blessing

Keelai’s blessing the name given to rapid breast growth. It generally occurs once in life during a woman's puberty. It is extremely rare that it happens any other way. It is a direct intervention from Keelai, a true blessing. Other than the goddesses, only Jelen seems to have aquired the ability to produce and give pure magic power.



Limbia is the Niitas’s capital, located in Tansaia. It is a city spread across a huge sleeping volcano, dotted with hot springs and water sources. The habitations are not densely packed and exist quite well in harmony with the environment. Their buildings are made of wood and clay, and they love to make hanging gardens and beautiful landscaping.

Limiter / Refiner Gem


A limiter is a magic item usually in the form of jewelry (earrings, wristbands, pendants, etc) set with a refiner gem. Their role is to help the user to shrink their breasts; for example if their breasts are too big for their taste and hinder their ability to move. It’s usually used by powerful mages that hold so much power they can’t live properly without it.



The Lunians are the creation of Mantalune. They are very similar the Sarins except with shorter ears, darker skin, and a pair of horns of varying shapes and sizes on their head. Some Lunians, chosen by their goddess Mantalune herself, have a tail and are entitled Champions of Mantalune.



Sarin, 27yo

Lupina is a very extroverted and shameless person. She has an extremely high sex drive, almost to the point of pathology. She has been lucky throughout her life, her Keelai-blessing was particularly generous: she doesn't have a huge pair of breasts but has a very high natural degree of refinement. She might appear to be an airhead but she is very smart and takes advantage of people underestimating her. She grew up with Aneela and is her best friend. She is bold and gets almost everything she wants... Including being mayor and guild leader.



Goddess, malevolent

Mantalune is the second daughter of Kinem. She is the rebellious daughter who dared to disregard her mother’s ways, and is usually seen as an evil goddess. She was her father’s favorite though, and Undal-oriented cults sees her as the chief goddess over Keelai. Mantalune is also known to be unpredictable, more than any other goddess, and can change from doing good to doing evil on a whim.

She likes to create magical beings. Sometimes, she creates a monster and sends it to devastate something precious to Keelai, Melariel or Enael.



Mermesii is a mighty state-city surrounded by karstic formations, located on the western part of Keelaiia, on the border of the Sarini Sea. It is the birth place of the Sarins and their first city. Its influence spreads wide and it thrives on commerce. Mermesii has a matriarchal social model where the females rules over males. Men are mostly slaves working and living underground in the city caves. A few lucky ones are servants living above ground. The city is ruled by Lupina and her cabinet. The mayorship can change every year through the academic games, a vast competition where Mermesii’s magic guilds confronts one another in several disciplines.



Goddess, benevolent

Melariel is the fifth daughter of Kinem and is known as the goddess of winds and air. Her influence is similar to Keelai, and she is venerated as often as her twin sister. Melariel may be wise but she lacks the self-control that Keelai has, and is very emotional. It is said that storms and howling winds are the result of her temper variations. In her affiliated land Melarielia, winds are always blowing. Melariel created the Desaens.

Milk Magic


Milk magic is a low-level type of magic that simply consists of turning one's magic energy into milk. It is known of every women in Andromeda and is -mostly- used to feed babies. Many women need all their magic energy for their daily jobs and are likely to call for a milkmage's services. A milkmage's role is to provide milk for other mothers, and are also nannies.
However, milk magic provides a sensation of pleasure and lust, specially during lactation. Many women become addicted to this sensation and naturally chose milkmage as a job ; and so it is not a very famed status for this deviant images it suffers from, but it is necessary.
Milk magic is the corner stone of a dozen breasts-zealots cults , which are forbidden in many regions of Andromeda.

Milk magic naturally occurs during a breast orgasm : the bigger the breasts are, the more likely their are to lactate during orgasm. Lactation can also happen when magic energy is forced into the breasts, as a natural defense mechanism to avoid any dammage to the breasts tissues.



The Niitas are few and scattered around the Shallow Sea, and are the creation of Tansa. They look similar to the Sarins, but have shorter ears and very long hair. They have comparable magic abilities to Sarins as well. They are a peaceful race living in harmony with nature. Their villages are usually located around hot springs and their capital is Limbia. Niitas are very special beings because they must have sex instead of sleep to keep their health up. They live a kind of free life, in contact with nature, lazing around, enjoying the pleasures the world has to offer, and not being material at all but civilized nonetheless. Niitas are mostly females, due to an intervention from Keelai. Due to the Niitas’s natural overwhelming sexual appetite they had an exceedingly high birth rate, until Keelai decided that men would be only one birth out of a hundred. This is why the Niitas are the only race where men have a decent status, and Keelai not appreciated by them as much as the other races of Andromeda. Niitas often buy Sarin slaves to satisfy their lack of men, as sex toys.



Goddess, neutral

Nolita is the third daughter of Kinem, and is known as the goddess of nature and wildlife. She doesn’t have a strong moral stance like her elder sisters, and behaves neutrally. She is the creator of many forests and a wide range of the terrestrial wildlife. She is the most worshiped deity after Keelai, and has a big festival in her name during the harvesting times throughout the entire mainland.



Sarin, 29yo

She is Mermesii's oracle. She has a very special ability known as Enael’s gift that is a kind of divination power, but she cannot perform any other type of magic. She lives a very solitary life and interacts with others only when she is asked. She's seen so much of other people's lives and futures that she has become asocial and avoids social interaction as much as possible. But Jelen's gift will change her life drastically…

Oracles' Order

Religious Order

The Oracles’ Order (or Order of Oracles) supervises all sorts of religious events and ceremonies in the southern territories. Anyone who chooses the way of the goddesses can join the order as a priestess, or as an oracle if they have the gift of Enael.


Magic ability

Refinement is the degree of power per volume a female magic user has (Desaens, Sarins, Niitas, etc). Each female individual has a different capacity and refinement degree, depending on how kind Keelai was to her. Using magic reduces breast volume proportional to the amount of magical energy expended, and so the refinement degree influences how much her breasts shrink when casting spells. Therefore, huge breasts do not necessarily insane power. When breast capacity is not at its maximum, magic energy is produced, and the breasts swell until the body’s natural limit is reached. The refinement degree can be trained and improved in the long-term trough daily training. Breast capacity can also be improved in the same way. One of the most well-known techniques is to force magic into breasts already at full capacity using a kamelite crystal, which are rare and sought-after.



Sarin is the main and more widespread race on Andromeda, and are the creation of Keelai. They are humanoids with elfin features of whom only women can use magic power. Their magic power is generated and stored in their breasts. Female is the dominant sex, because men are magically powerless, which makes almost all of the Sarin cultures and societies matriarchal. How men are treated can vary from place to place, but they are most likely working class or slaves.

Sarin females have a great sexual appetite; they approach nymphomania once they get turned on. Lesbian sex is a common thing in almost all of their cultures, and they usually don’t get emotionally attached to men.



Shuskana is a Desaen city hanging high on a steep “shard” in the Valley of Giants. The large stone buildings are typical of Desaen architecture, and inspire sturdiness and toughness.



Sarin, 25yo

Vanees's sister. Suxlu was a very bright and cheerful child. However, during her teenage years, Mantalune cursed her. Since then she can’t generate her own magical power, but has the unique ability to steal other's. She is doomed to steal other’s magic till the very end, and if she stops death awaits her.

She soon fell into darkness and developed a malicious personality, except toward her sister who will always be there for her no matter the cost.



Goddess, malevolent

Tansa is the fourth daughter of Kinem, and is known as the goddess of beauty, lust, and love. She is a seductress, and has a special ability to influence others’ feelings, usually in a sexual way. She is seen as malevolent in a wide range of Sarin cultures because she gets along well with her sister Mantalune and has conflicts with Keelai, but in truth she is kind and neutral. Tansa created the Niitas, a small population living in her affiliated region Tansaia, around the Shallow Sea. The fate of the Niitas is a source of conflict between Tansa and Keelai, because Keelai forced Tansa to change them as they were multiplying too quickly for her taste and saw it as a menace to the Sarin.

Thiaca Tansa


Thiaca Tansa is a plant created by Tansa, that is endemic to her affiliated territory Tansaia, around the Shallow Sea. Its seeds have a very powerful aphrodisiac effect and are in high demand around the world. The Niitas cultivate this plant and uses its seeds regularly.



Goddess, neutral.

Umata is the sixth daughter of Kinem, and is known as the goddess of water. Umata is quite discrete compared to her sisters, and is quite solitary and calm. However, when she is in a bad mood, the seas and oceans can become very dangerous. Umata created almost all aquatic wildlife and vegetation.



Father of all goddesses,

Undal is the only male deity, and is often mentioned as the earth maker. He is Kinem’s equal in terms of divine power, but he cannot create anything other than blazing fire and earth. During the Era of Discord, he lost control of his power and had to leave Andromeda for space to avoid burning the planet to bare rock, in the process creating Andromeda’s moon. It is believed that Undal imprisoned himself inside the moon’s core.

Urlata Naira

Legendary Mage


Urlata Naira is a Champion of Mantalune, and the most powerful mage that ever walked the world of Andromeda. Not only she was very powerful to begin with, but the Cauldron of Zunamun incident made her grow even more powerful. Later she planned the invasion of southern territories; thus began the Great Lunian War. Although the invasion was initially going well for her, her life was put to an end by the archmage Elwendil.



Sarin, 28yo

Vanees is a girl with an extremely generous Keelai-blessing who has the potential to become the next archmage. But, as a response to this blessing, Mantalune threw a curse on her sister, making her life very difficult. Vanees grew up saving her power to give some to her sister on a daily basis, learning to wisely store it. She is intelligent but has no ethics. This dark side of her personality prevents her from becoming one of Karyn’s apprentices. She and her sister have committed plenty of larceny, and even formed a group of thieves named Purple Box.



Goddess, malevolent

Zinya is the eighth daughter of Kinem, and is known as the goddess of cold and madness. She’s known to be quite crazy and unpredictable, doing whatever she likes. Cold is quite rare on Andromeda, and dreaded. When cold strikes, it is said that Zinya is growing in power. Her affiliated land, Zinyaia, is in the north, but is quite empty of life except those she created, which are magical frost creatures and plants.


Legendary character


Zunamun was a legendary alchemist that also excelled in many other fields like smithing and wizardry. In her early life, she discovered many complex magic phenomena and invented ways to exploit them via artifice. She became famous for her inventive and practical creations, and quickly was commissioned by the most renowned archmagi and highborn personalities around the world, as well as governments, cities and other influential structures. She had exceptional talent for making magical items and some of her devices are still working today after centuries of functionality. Rumors says that she shared a special bond with the goddess Keelai, and that is how she knew the ways of magic so well.